Mantra-based meditation. 

Mantra Meditation

This authentic mantra-based meditation originates in a centuries-old tradition. 

Aim of meditation

The aim of meditation is to connect with deeper realms of being within oneself. It makes it possible to find rest, to recharge oneself and meet life with greater energy and happiness.

Through meditation I feel a connection to the wider universe around ‘me’ and more and more begin to experience an inner peace which I can keep returning to regardless of the tumult in my own head and in the world around me.

Meditation is not a quick fix. Slowly but steadily it works to transform life.

Meditation is the single most useful thing I ever came across. Over time its practice has helped me to see the movements of my mind more clearly, free from my ideas about them. In my experience it eliminates fear and produces freedom to act more naturally.

Practising for 60 years

Students in the School have been practising mantra meditation for over 60 years. Throughout that time, invaluable advice has been received from two great exponents of non-dual philosophy and meditation, Shri Shantananda Saraswati and his successor, Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati.

The system of meditation is not religious. It is designed for the human spirit which is not bound to any religion.


The meditation is introduced in a traditional way. Students are asked to make a donation, which is how it has been possible to make it available for over 60 years. The advised sum presently is £150. This may be less in case of hardship or more if desired. The intention is that the donation be generous, according to people’s circumstances.

Introduction to meditation

Students in the School are introduced to the practice in the second year, or earlier if they wish. After the second year, meditation, as introduced in the School, is an essential part of the ongoing philosophy courses as it helps to give deeper experience of the ideas discussed.

Regular Practice

The technique is very simple. It is given in a simple traditional ceremony and is practised for two short periods a day.

The time taken for the practice to become established varies with each individual and much depends on the regularity of the practice. As with learning a musical instrument, deepening and refining the practice is an on-going process.

Introduction to Meditation

The meditation is given in a short, traditional ceremony designed to bring the mind and heart to rest. The ceremony is non-religious and is there to ensure the precise passage of the mantra from generation to generation and to support the significance of the event.

You will be asked to bring four things to the ceremony, each one symbolic: some flowers, some pieces of fruit, a piece of white cloth and a donation of money. The donation is not a fixed amount but depends upon individual capacity. It symbolises the surrender of material things and is an expression of the value in which the meditation is held. All donations are used by the School of Meditation to make meditation available to others.

School of Meditation

The method of mantra meditation is given through the School of Meditation, with whom the Practical Philosophy School has a long-standing relationship. In the North West, students are introduced to meditation at our rural retreat house, Brinscall Hall in Chorley. It is offered at 3 points in the year in the North West. If you are interested in meditating and would like to know more, do get in touch either by phone, 0800 8030 799 or by email: [email protected].

Life-time Support

Once you’ve started to meditate the Practical Philosophy School will support you in the practice by offering one-to-one tutorials with an experienced meditator. This support will be available for as long as you wish, and is completely free of charge. Tutorials take place in person or online as the student wishes.

Registered Charity

     The School of Meditation is a registered charity funded by donations, and its purpose is to make meditation readily available to anyone who wants it.


Wonderful classes

"Thank you so much to my tutor for the wonderful classes that you have taken. My whole life has transformed since joining the course. I feel a much better person and that is all credit to you and the way you conduct the class and encourage its members.”
Practical philosophy student

The present moment

“This course ‘woke me up’, particularly to the present moment. Learning to use the ‘full stop’ between daily events and pausing, rather than everything running in to one continuum”
Practical philosophy student

Very practical

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been very practical and has given me lots of tools and exercises to use in my daily life. Coming back each week and feeding back to the group has reinforced what I have learned and given me extra pointers”.
Practical philosophy student
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