Paying by Cheque

Enrolling on a course or workshop...

If you are enrolling on a course or want to secure a place on one of our workshops and you prefer NOT to pay via PAYPAL then you can pay by cheque.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer call us for the details and we’ll be glad to help.

If you have any further questions please:

  • Call: 0121 330 1878

How to pay by cheque

1. Make cheque payable to ‘SES – Midlands’

2. Fill in the cheque for the amount relevant to your enrolment (see relevant enrolment page to confirm these details)

3. Write on the back of the cheque the name and date of the course or workshop you are enrolling for

4. Send the cheque by post to:

School of Philosophy Midlands
Accounts, 9 Mere Road, Norton, Stourbridge, DY8 3AY

How it works on our educational courses

A tutor presents material, and leads a discussion based on what arises. Being practical rather than academic, the emphasis is on personal knowledge. Students are encouraged neither to accept nor reject the ideas put forward, but to test them in practice for themselves, in the light of their own experience.

Frequently asked questions about our courses

The course is practical in the sense that it is designed to be of direct use in our everyday lives. The intention is to stimulate enquiry and through this expand the way we look at the world and ourselves.

Online or by calling 0121 330 1878.

If you register online, you will receive a confirmation email with your day of attendance. If you register by any means other than online, you will receive a receipt confirming your registration.

Yes, we have a local Birmingham venue where you can attend the course face-to-face. We also have other venues across the UK.

No, all you need is an open and enquiring mind. The course is intended for everyone, regardless of education, occupation, race, political or religious belief.

Face-to-face meetings will be held safely following all COVID-19 guidelines for your complete peace of mind.

Yes, we offer an online version of the course via Zoom. To find out more visit:

What some of our students say...

Local Course

Local face-to-face evening courses available at a choice of locations.

Peace of Mind

Following all COVID-19 guidelines for your complete peace of mind.

Practical Wisdom

Courses in practical wisdom for everyday living. Meet with like minded individuals.

Offer only £10

Introductory offer – 10 week course only £10. (Normally £65) Limited spaces. 

philosophy course reviews
“Absolutely loving the course!! …Really changing how I think about things and life in general.”
philosophy course reviews
“...I am benefiting greatly from the content and the practical nature of it. Thank you, it is enriching my life.”
philosophy course reviews
“The daily awareness exercises … have changed my thinking and I feel more relaxed about situations in the media and other aspects of my daily life.”
philosophy course reviews
"The knowledge and experience that I have gained from the philosophy classes has helped me to discover more about myself and better prepare for dealing with life's daily surprises and challenges."
The courses have limited spaces and can get fully booked up in advance, so to save disappointment it is advisable to reserve your place on the next course well in advance.

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Some of the themes included in the introductory course: